All About PPF

Public Provident Fund (PPF) is a great financial instrument for investments and tax savings. These are easy to open, offer good returns, and can be opened in a large a number of banks and post offices. On top of that eligibility criteria is very simple. You can create a retirement corpus and save taxes with investments in PPF account. [...]

Most Eligible Borrower

It is a good practice to know the Personal Loans eligibility of Financial Institutions like Banks and NBFC before applying. Your basic eligibility depends on your age, type of employment (salaried or self employed), how much income you have, your credit score, where do you live and if you have the required documents. The finer details vary from banks to banks. [...]

Personal Loan : Yes or No

Personal Loans are a great financial tool to meet your funding needs. They provide fantastic advantages like online application and instant approval, minimum paperwork, fast disbursal and customised offers. But there are some flip sides to this as well like strict qualification criteria, high interest rates and prepayment penalty. So let's weigh in the pros and cons and make an informed decision. [...]

Understanding Pre-Approved Loans

Pre-Approved Loans are a way banks seduce a borrower into getting a Personal Loan. There are certainly advantages of such offer. It shows your good financial health, gives you lower interest rates and loan processing is fast. But before you get carried away, it's good to keep an eye on the pitfalls as well. [...]

Multiple Loan Queries: Good or Bad ?

Applying for a Personal Loan at multiple financial institutions is never a good idea. It can hurt your Credit score and is an avoidable hassle. Why go through such a hassle when you have a platform to take care of your need for perfect loan deal and preserving your credit score ? [...]

Roadmap To Perfect Personal Loan

With so many financial institutions like Banks and NBFCs in the market, searching for the best Personal Loan offer can be a daunting task. So what is the best and most efficient way to go about availing a Personal Loan ? We have the answer. Read more on Moneywise [...]

Improving Your CIBIL Score

Knowing your Credit score is the first step in the right direction towards securing a personal loan. There are four Credit information companies namely CIBIL, Experian, Equifax and Highmark. If your score is poor, don’t lose hope. There are always ways to improve your score like taking loans as per your affordability, improving credit utilization, timely repayments, getting secured loan [...]

CIBIL Score And Personal Loan

CIBIL TransUnion Score, or commonly known as CIBIL score, is a score given to each borrower whose records are present with CIBIL. Although most of the banks prefer the high CIBIL score borrowers, there are other financial institutions and NBFCs who cater to borrowers with relatively low CIBIL scores as well [...]

Credit Scored or Credit Scared

What could be the factors if your personal loan application gets rejected ? Is it your job instability, poor credit score, payment defults or multiple financial obligations, unstable company, other factors or a combination of those ? [...]

Personal Loan: Let The Music Begin

Almost everybody either avails or thinks of availing a personal loan in his life. It could be a secured Personal loan or unsecured. So what is a personal loan, what are the types of personal loans, who can get them and when can your loan get rejected. Answers to all these questions and more. [...]